Bail Bond Information

The Bail Bond Process can be very confusing if you have not experienced it before.

A few things to know that you may want to think about are :

The Bail Bond amount is set by guidelines by the court for each charge although it may be important to use an attorney to get reasonable bail set.

Some Bonds start out as no-bail or even cash bail.

The state of Utah has a 10% minimum which the bail bond company is required to charge you failure to do so can result in as much as a $5000.00 fine.

Beware of get out now pay later programs as if something sounds to good to be true it usually is.

Read your contract carefully and look close at any “hidden fees” or even exuberant penalties for making a late payment especially if you are using a trust deed on your home.

Don’t get in a hurry and explore all your options this can save you hundreds of dollars and much headache later.



Bail Bond Information :


Bail Bond Surety Oversight Board Staff

Staff assists the Board to make written recommendations to the commissioner for rules governing bail bond (BB) surety insurance business; screens BB surety company license applications; recommends action regarding the granting, renewing, suspending, revoking, and reinstating of BB company licenses; and provides recommendation regarding investigations.

If you would like to file a complaint with the Insurance Dept moreinformation can be found here.

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